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Beija-Flor de Nilópolis

''Quem viu, vai ver... Fábulas do Beija Flor''

Authors: Di Menor BF, Julio Assis, Kirraizinho, Diego Oliveira, Fabinho Ferreira, Diogo Rosa, Rogério Coutinho, Marcio França, Carlinhos Ousadia, Kaká Kalmão, Jorge Ayla e Serginho Aguiar
Singer: Luiz Antônio Feliciano Marconde (Neguinho da Beija-Flor)

Samba Lyricsa

Nascido feito rei menino
Em ninho de amor e humildade
Meu Pai direcionou o meu destino
Voar nas asas da felicidade
E arrisquei um voo nesse lindo azul
Um mundo encantado pude recordar
Em fábulas bordei a fantasia
Ê saudade que mareja o meu olhar
Herdeiro dessa terra me tornei
Cantei nossos recantos, tradições
Sou eu aquele festival de prata
Que na pista arrebata tantos corações

ÔÔÔÔ Axé que no sangue herdei
No meu quilombo, todo negro é rei
Abre a senzala!! Abre a senzala!!
Nesse terreiro o samba é a voz que não cala

Cresci, ouvindo acordes entre doces melodias
A bela dama retratada em poesia e o canto de cristal
A simplicidade no amor, aquele beijo na flor
Fez mais um sonho real
Pátria amada da ganância
Eu pedi socorro pelos filhos teus
Algoz da intolerância
Mesmo proibido, fui a voz de Deus
Toda essa grandeza, vem da nossa gente
Que esquece a dor e só quer sambar
É por esse amor
Quero meu valor me faz brilhar
Comunidade me ensinou
A ser apaixonado como eu sou
Ontem, hoje, sempre Beija-Flor

Oh Deusa!!!
Tem festa no meu coração
Desfilo toda gratidão
Razão do meu cantar,
A luz do meu viver...
O que seria de mim sem você?

2020 Parade

2020 Themed Samba

  • Carnival Commission: Comissão de Carnaval, Rodrigo 
  • Carnival Director: Valber Frutuoso
  • Harmony Director: Valber Frutuoso
  • Singer: Neguinho da Beija-Flor
  • Drums Director: Rodney e Plínio
  • Drummers' Queen: Raíssa de Oliveira
  • Escort: Claudinho
  • Flag-Bearer: Selminha Sorriso
  • Vanguard Commission: Marcelo Misailidis
  • 2020 Parade
  • Parading Position: 5.ª de Domingo
    03/03/2019 / de 
    01:35 às 03:28

''Quem viu, vai ver... Fábulas do Beija Flor''


Driving this fascinating journey, flying from flower to flower in the Gardens of Folia, the Hummingbird had spread the pollen of information and the grain of entertainment, sowing Popular Culture; dancing and spinning through the air, until blooming in the spring of a new Carnival.

It made Millenial food out of History, crossed skies and seas, streams and springs. It promoted the encounter between drums and tribes, legends and myths; and saw the emergence of customs, peculiarities and traditions. It has written golden pages of Brazilian poetry to revisit our roots, and made us happier to sing the exuberant beauty of Brazil's golden riches from North to South, in shades of white and blue.

It traveled through the mystical world of the Caruanas in the waters of the Patu-Anu, through the hospitable paradise from where the sun is seen first, the Holy Land - green paradise of the forest people and their song of faith for the mission of preserving, magic - to the lands of the Pampas, where seven peoples, in faith and pain, raised seven missions of love, in the freedom of the fields and villages.

It saw its value shine to illuminate the love of a community that commands respect, and full of pride, beats in their chest. It took his hat off to announce Brasilia, the capital of hope, inspired by the art and traits of the Master of Architecture, Oscar Niemeyer; and also declaimed, the enchanted poem of the land of bumba-meu-boi, of enchantment and of palm trees where the sage sings.

It rescued our origins and our African heritage, the legacy of our ancestors. It witnessed the creation of the world in the Nagô tradition and the Black Old Ladies ... how much love! Singing in praise of the great constellation of the black stars and all its splendor.

In addressing the importance of african origins, it broke borders and knew the cradle of different civilizations. From Egypt to freedom, it explained that black slaves lived in great distress, they were the strong arm of the nation; saga of those who are following their destiny ...

At last, it found the Africas of fights and glories - from the baobab of the life of Ilê Ifé to the brotherhood of the tale of the griot, black in race, blood and color.

Narrator-character unveiling costumed mysteries of fantasies, the Hummingbird consecrated itself as a Sovereign bird, parading to exalt the Court of kings and queens in the cortege of the plebeians, composed of mestizos, Indians, blacks and Europeans.

Homages that go by the exaltation to Jose de Alencar, to the good Christmas - greeted by the Majesty, the Samba; by the coronation of the Lady of the Bromeliads, Margareth Mee, that made the party in Sapucaí, and by the crystal song of the international diva Bidu Sayão, that shook the Samba Avenue.

It put the happiness outside of its body of revering simplicity in beautiful moments that made a prayer out of Samba. It dreamed the dream of the dreamer when traveling in the feats of the illuminated star of television, and in the genius of the Marquis who baptized the Avenue, the stage of the most splendid attractions.

Beija-Flor, The Hummingbird! Bold little bird that became giant, when proposing social reflection, when let loose the cry of freedom, the clamor for equality. The utopia of a Brazil free from the harmful greed beneath the cloths, nest of hungry serpents, where rats and buzzards, clinging to the people's neck, pretend not to understand that everyone was born naked, and that empty bag does not stop standing. Sanctuary of ambition that victimizes brave people suffered, tired of gaining so little, that lives in the suffocation and needs to vent: their children can not take it anymore! Monster is who does not know how to love! It was our precursor and revolutionary DNA, whose thirst for victory, that allowed us to get here, winning 14 stars, revealing the joyful smile of the samba and the silver festival in the middle of the arena. 

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  • Foundation: December 25th, 1988
  • Colors: Blue and White
  • President: Ricardo Abrahão David
  • Honorary: Anísio Abraão David
  • Samba Hall: Rua Pracinha Wallace Paes Leme, 1025 - Nilópolis - RJ
  • Rehearsals:-
  • Barracks: Cidade do Samba (Barracão nº 11) - Rua Rivadávia Correa, nº 60 – Gamboa - RJ
  • Phone: +55 21 2791-2886
  • Website: imprensa@beija-flor.com.br
  • Press: -

Beija-Flor's history

The Beija-Flor de Nilópolis was born in the Christmas celebrations of 1948. A group formed by Milton de Oliveira (Negão da Cuíca), Edson Vieira Rodrigues (Edinho do Ferro Velho), Helles Ferreira da Silva, Mário Silva, Walter da Silva, Hamilton Floriano and José Fernandes da Silva, decided to form a block that, after several discussions, at the suggestion of D. Eulália de Oliveira, Milton's mother, was named Beija-Flor (inspired by the Beija-Flor Ranch, which existed in the Marquis of Valencia). Dona Eulália was admitted as founder.
In 1953, the Block Association Carnival Beija-Flor, victorious in the neighborhood, was enrolled by Silvestre David do Santos (Cabana) member of the composers' wing, as a samba school, in the Confederation of Samba Schools, for the official parade of 1954, in the 2nd group.
In his first parade in 1954, he was promoted to Group I, where he remained until 1963. After a period of ups and downs in 1974, he returned to Group I, a result of the good work done by Nelson Abraão David. In 1977, Aniz Abrahão David takes over the presidency and designs the Nilópolis Samba School as one of the most famous in the world