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Tours in and around Rio de Janeiro

Choose your tours on this page to get to know Rio de Janeiro during your 2018 Carnival stay.

We are pleased to inform you that preparations for the 2018 Carnival are on schedule.
You will find all available tours with their detailed description at very end of September.

2018 Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Our experts have carefully put together an essential list of tours in Rio de Janeiro for you to make the most out your stay in Rio de Janeiro. Our guided Rio de Janeiro tours will make you discover the Marvelous City in a very special way.

A wonderful place, not by chance known as Marvelous City, this is Rio`s nickname, where you'll certainly spend the holidays you'll never forget. A rich night life is waiting for you, with bars where the chopinho (draft beer) makes new friendships in the Carioca way of life. Just sit back in any bar and join the people there.

The Cariocas (as Rio's residents are called) are very welcoming to foreigners, except when the subject is soccer, and the rivalry between Brazil and Argentina is at stake. Nevertheless even then keep making jokes of the "enemy". As an international tourist destination, Rio offers an excellent variety of restaurants for local and world cuisine, and eating a Feijoada, a typical Brazilian food, is a must.


Tours in Rio during 2018 Carnival

We offer an excellent variety of tours in Rio de Janeiro.
Due to the fact that the city will host two of the world's most important sport events (the 2018 World Cup and the 2018 Olympic Games) the City's infrastructure is growing with fast speed.

No other city in the world can compare with the natural beauty of Rio de Janeiro. Choose from our half-day and full-day tours listed below that take you all around the city and the region. Dazzling beaches and majestic mountains form a unique back drop for a busy metropolis.

Rio is a modern cosmopolitan city where visitors immediately feel at home. Rio's beauty is reborn each morning as the sun rises unfolding the panorama of this special destination nestled between sea and mountains. All Brazilians refer ti Rio as the Marvelous City - a fitting title for an extraordinary place.

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