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Sambodromo Round Transfer

The new EXPRESS Sambodromo Transfer
Super-fast shuttle to and from the Samba Parade

Choose the most convenient and easiest way to get right to the Sambodromo. Book your shuttle service also for your Sambodromo tickets.

We have redesigned and improved the old service of the previous years and the one of other operators. We offer now true express transfer with less stops and a significantly faster and more frequent service. We know well, that what you want most is to be there as quickly as possible!

We will offer a special service for people who are about to parade.
You will be taken from our Visitors' Reception Center (after collecting and putting on your costume) in our special vehicles as quickly as possible on that night to the Sambodromo, in the company of our Expert Carnival Guide who will take you right to your own meeting point at the perfect time.
We are conveniently located, being very close to the Sambodromo!

Beat the crowd. Get there easy for less!

To provide you with a truly unparalleled super-fast service, every route has only a few stops and only in in the dedicated area it serves. Your bus will NOT stop after the dedicated zone until the entrance of the Sambodromo on the right side for you.
If you are not staying in one of the hotels where we pick up, you will find a stop most probably very near, just a few blocks and a short walk away.

Easy to use
Just give us the names of the passengers at the time of purchase. No need to print or bring along any tickets.

The way to get near
Normal buses do not run on Parade days around the Sambodromo and the subway stations are far to walk (20 - 30 mins).
Taxis have to drop you off well before the entrances as only specially licensed vehicles can get near the Sambodromo. Most streets will be closed and it is difficult to navigate around to find your sector.

Right to and from the gates
Our special fleet of buses are especially licensed to take you right to the very gates, passing all the crowd. They will pick you up right from there, too, to whisk you all the way back when you are already tired and exhausted after such a big night.

Guides will assist you
Specially trained, bilingual guides will accompany you during your trip to the Sambodromo. They will look after you and provide you with all useful information. They will also assist you to find your sector on your arrival and help you to easily find your way back.

Be safe
Play wise! Protect yourself and your valuables. Get right there and behind the gates where high security is the standard, while the area around the Sambodromo is a well-known playground for all type of criminals.

Offering Comfort
Your express bus will whisk you right the Sambodromo from the very place where you stay, when most other traffic grinds to a halt.
And finally, at the end of a very long day, you will surely appreciate a well equipped vehicle waiting for you and that you will not have to chase other means of transport in the small hours among the crowd, when tired and exhausted. Just collapse into the comfort of your seat and stretch out your legs.
>> Enjoy being looked after!

  The easiest way

The Sambodromo Round Transfer service will drive you right to the venue and whisk you all the way back home.

The Sambodromo Round Transfer service is particularly designed with well-trained guides to help you enjoy the big day in the middle of the mayhem. It is cheap to make it popular and affordable for everyone.

Rio Carnival Shuttle

Cheap and affordable

The Sambodromo Round Transfer is of truly excellent value for your money. Rates are set low to make it available to everyone.
Our goal is to facilitate your Sambodromo transfer and to make your Rio Carnival experience a unique and unforgettable one.

Taxi fares go up considerably on Carnival days. This shuttle service is cheaper than taxi fares.


The buses run on all Samba Parade days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Champions' Saturday according to the schedule below.

Return vehicles leave the Sambodromo at the end of every school's parade (beginning from the end of the third school's parade).

Rio Sambodromo Transfer


To save you time and speed up your transfer, dedicated, direct routes connect the following districts to the Sambodromo with only a few stops in that zone and no stops after until the Sambodromo

  • Copacabana, Leme
  • Ipanema, Leblon
  • Botafogo, Flamengo, City Center
  • Barra de Tijuca, Sao Conrado
  • The port of Rio de Janeiro (for those arriving by a cruise ship)



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