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Sambodromo Samba Parade Rehearsals

Rehearsals in the Sambodromo for the 2018 Rio Carnival Samba Parade

Check here the Sambodromo rehearsal schedule for the 2018 Rio Carnival Samba Parade.
These samba school rehearsals for the Samba Parade take place already on the samba runway itself in the Sambodromo. They start in December.

The very last rehearsal is the most spectacular show with lights and sound system already in place for final testing.
The champions of the previous year's parade are invited to.
After that last rehearsal, the biggest and most traditional street band (Cordão do Bola Preta) gives a show at beginning of the Parading Avenue, getting into the samba runaway playing old traditional samba songs.

Sambodromo Rehearsals - Schedule for the Rio Carnival 2018 Samba Parade rehearsals - Available soon

January 2018
Date Day Start
15 Sunday Império Serrano Paraíso do Tuiuti União da Ilha
22 Sunday Estácio São Clemente Mocidade
28 Saturday Sossego Rocinha Santa Cruz
29 Sunday Império da Tijuca Beija-Flor Grande Rio

January 2018
Date Day Start
4 Saturday Parque Ciricica Alegria da Zona Sul Cubango
5 Sunday Porto da Pedra
Vila Isabel


Saturday Inocentes de Belford Roxo
Renascer de Jacarepaguá Viradouro
12 Sunday
- Portela
Unidos da Tijuca
18 Saturday
- Unidos de Padre Miguel Imperatriz
31 Sunday Sound and light test with the 2016 Champion:


Go and watch the Sambodromo rehearsals for free. You can try most sector's grandstands. It is a good opportunity to warm yourself up for the great party that will develop during the actual Samba Parade and see it all in preparation.

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Sambodromo - Venue of the Samba Parade

SAMBA PARADE Rehearsals in the Sambodromo

The Samba Parade rehearsals in the Sambodromo are a bit like the Samba Parade itself however without costumes and floats.

Outside the Sambodromo...

Outside the Sambodromo there is an eating area (of Brazilian style - do not expect any sophistication here) which includes little drinks and barbecue stands. Lots of booze and "junk" food. The essence of Brazilian life.

There are also rehearsals in the samba schools' halls every week.

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