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Sambodromo Luxury Suites - the true VIP boxes

For the best seating and views in the Sambodromo - Rio Carnival 2018

Choose one of the Luxury Suites or VIP boxes for best seating and views in the Rio Sambodromo.

The air-conditioned, exclusive Luxury Suites available on this site in Sector 8 have 18 seats each and the one in Sector 9 has 60 seats in the same suite.

They are at the most coveted section of the Avenue, thus they offer to our clients possibly the best seating in the whole Sambadrome, being located right in Sector 8-9. At this hight of the Avenue you will have an ideal overview of the Parade, seeing it long enough from the front, nevertheless not being too far towards the end. As there are many judges at this section, the performance of the highly choreographed Vanguard Groups and the whole school will all take place in front of your very eyes around here.

In Sector 8 you will face and in both sectors you would be close to the very spot where all the Drummers stop to play for the duration of every school's parade with fantastic acoustics.

Special extra security guards at the entrance of the suites provide an added level of high security granting admission only to the VIP guests with tickets for that suite.

The suites are designed with the intention to grant a true once-in-a-life-time experience.

Buy your seats for the Luxury Suites on our Sambodromo ticket page.
At a reduced rate, we also offer a whole suite (for 18 people) for any Parade night.

1st class buffet supper is offered with butlers waiting a selection of beverages (wine, sparkling wine, bear, soft drinks, coconut juice, etc) to complete the VIP treatment on the Main Parades days (Sunday and Monday).

Snacks and beverages will be served on Champions' Parade Saturday.

Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2018 Sambodromo Luxury Suites VIP boxes
Sambodromo Luxury Suites VIP boxes Sambodromo Luxury Suites VIP boxes Sambodromo Luxury Suites VIP boxes Sambodromo Luxury Suites VIP boxes
Luxury Suite in Sector 8
Sambodromo Sambodromo Sambodromo
Luxury Suite in Sector 9

Photos are from last year and for demonstration purposes only. Suites are redesigned every year.

Attn: Tickets for the Preliminary Parades (Friday and Saturday night) do not include food or beverages.

Smoking is not allowed inside the suites, nevertheless there is a dedicated area for smokers nearby, which will be indicated to clients upon request.