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Ranking 2012-2017

Samba School
1 Unidos da Tijuca
2 Beija-Flor
3 Salgueiro
4 Vila Isabel
5 Grande Rio
6 Mangueira

Result Announcement

Rio Samba Parade Results

It is Apotheoses Square, at the end of the Parading Avenue, where the results are counted and announced on Ash Wednesday, just after Carnival.

Usually the competition's worst scoring school drops down from the First League (the Special Group) into the Second League and the winner of the Preliminary Parades of the Second League Schools joins the First League for next year's Samba Parade.

Samba Parade Results

2017 Samba Parade Final Results

The Samba Parade is a glorious competition between the Rio Samba Schools, for which scores are given by the judges on Ash Wednesday, the first day after Carnival.
There are ten categories in which the schools are judged.

There are 4 judges of every category (altogether 40 of them) and they are allocated all along the Sambodromo's samba runway, in their booths.

Scores are given on a scale 7-10 (with fractions), 10 being the best.

2017 Samba Parade Results - announced on Wednesday, February 18th.

Order School Scores
1 Beija-Flor 269.9
2 Salgueiro 269.5
3 Grande Rio 269.0
4 Unidos da Tijuca 269.0
5 Portela 269.0
6 Imperatriz 268.9
7 Mocidade 268.5
8 São Clemente 268.4
9 União da Ilha 267.2
10 Mangueira 267.1
11 Vila Isabel 266.2
12 Viradouro 263.7

The last Samba School (Viradouro) was downgraded from the First into the Second League.