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Rio Carnival Tickets 2015

Sambodromo tickets for the 2015 Rio Carnival Samba Parade

We are pleased to inform you that preparations for the 2015 Carnival are on schedule and that tickets for the 2015 Samba Parade will go on sale very soon, still at the end of July.
We will strive to continue offering the best available prices.

Buy on this page your Rio Carnival tickets 2015 for the Samba Parade in the Sambodromo.
Rio Carnival Tickets 2015 Sambodromo Samba Parade

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The easiest way to get there is taking the subway (tube/metro) to LARGO DO MACHADO station, only 5 minutes from the South Zone. See the map below.




Choose your Sambodromo seat type

Red on the map

Bleachers or grandstands are like big concrete steps with no allocated places You can get as high and will sit wherever you want and can, except Sector 9, which has numbered seats.
Comments: The exact seats for Sector 9 ticket holders will be allocated by our central computer system just a few days before Carnival.

Purple on the map

These are the most affordable assigned seats in the Sambodromo and are at the very end of the Parading Avenue. The lines of chairs are located on reclining steps for better viewing.

Green on the map

These open boxes are right on the samba runway in 4 rows on reclining steps. Row A is at the same level of and the closest to the samba runway. Each box has 6 numbered chairs and a coffee table. You can buy any number of seats.

The tickets to the front boxes are acquired individually. One front box ticket equals to one seat, and not the whole box with 6 seats.

Blue on the map

These VIP boxes are the Sambodromo's only covered and most coveted places. They are spread all along the samba runway at an elevated level to give the best view of the parades. They are especially decorated private suites (for 15, 30, 45 and 60 people) with air conditioning, full comfort and safety. A real 1st class buffet supper menu with butler service completes it all. You can buy any number of seats. All our suites are equally luxurious and we will assign your exact sector in December.

All prices are per seat. Choose the currency in which you wish to see prices at the top of the page.
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The easiest way to get there is taking the subway (tube/metro) to LARGO DO MACHADO station, only 5 minutes from the South Zone. See the map below.


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2015 Rio de Janeiro Carnival Tickets Sambodromo Samba Parade Carnaval Brazil

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