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2015 Rio Carnival Tickets

Sambodromo Samba Parade tickets for Rio Carnival 2015

Order on this page your 2015 Rio Carnival tickets for the Samba Parade in Rio's Sambodromo.
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Places and Seat Types

GRANDSTANDS - Red on the map

The bleachers are like big concrete steps with no allocated seats (except Sector 9 which has numbered places). You can get as high and will sit wherever you want and can.

OPEN FRONT BOXES - Green on the map

They are right on the samba runway in 4 rows on reclining steps. Row A is at the same level of and the closest one to the Parade. D is the most elevated one of the rows. There are around 50 boxes per row in a sector and each box has 6 numbered chairs, offering assigned seating.
Prices are per seat. Up to 6 seats in an Open Front Box will be allocated together in the same box.

COVERED GRAND TIER BOXES Sector 7 - Yellow on the map

The boxes in the elevated row D in Sector 7 have been upgraded and covered to offer an enjoyable Parade experience even in the rain just like our Luxury Suites (they have proved to be great improvement considering past summer rainy parading days). These boxes are more comfortable than the other boxes since the 12 lounge-type seats are cushioned and they also have a coffee table. Prices are per seat which are allocated and assigned.

PRIVATE CHAIRS - Purple on the map

These are allocated seats organized in long lines put on reclining steps. They are however at the very end of the Parading Avenue.

PARTY LOUNGE - Beige on the map

This leisure area after Sector 10 is for 400 rather-party-minded people and comprises a beauty salon, a dance floor with DJs to mingle with the youngish crowd and have some space also to relax and watch the Parade on a giant screen. As one side is on the Avenue it also offers some view of the Parade close to its end.
No assigned seating.

LUXURY SUITES - Blue on the map

These covered boxes are by far the best places in the Sambodrome and is the place to go for if you can afford it. They are at the ideal height to grant the perfect view of the Parade, being above the front boxes and bellow the bleachers. They are individually decorated.
You can buy individual seats in the desired suite or rent a whole suite for a particular night.

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The Sambodromo

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The Luxury Suites

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