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All 2018 Rio Carnival Tickets explained

Find here information about all 2018 Rio Carnival tickets inc. Sambodromo tickets for the Rio Carnival Samba Parade.
You will find the complete and up-to-date program and ticket details in your 2018 Rio Carnival and Sambodromo Guides.

Do a bit of preparation and buy your flight tickets first for 2018 Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and months in advance.
Study the 2018 Rio Carnival program guide and pick the ones you intend to attend. Learn how and when to obtain tickets for specific events.

Rio Carnival is the world's biggest and most famous party. About a million tourist joins millions of Rio people (the Cariocas) in enthusiastic revelry.

The Carnival party in Rio keeps evolving. It is getting bigger year by year and it changes what Carnival has to offer. The Samba Parade has moved from the streets to become an expensive and spectacular show while there are ever more parties taking place during the Carnival season in the city of Rio de Janeiro.


But don´t worry. Should you wish, you can and will experience also lots of street parties along the almost compulsory Samba Parade.

Both ticketed and free events are lots of fun, though obviously quite different in nature. Try to sample both kinds of merry-making.

Many interesting events already happen a few weeks before Carnival, like the animated rehearsals in the schools' samba halls, in the communities and in the Sambodromo, the elections of the Carnival King (Momo) and Queen, samba shows and costume exhibitions. Go and dive into it straight after your arrival. Come as early as you can!

Ticketed Events

Rio Carnival Tickets 2018


2018 Rio Carnival Tickets by Venue

Samba Parade in the Sambodromo

The dedicated Samba Parade ticket page provides ticket information.
Book early for Carnival Sunday, Monday and Champions' Saturday.

Order your Sambodromo tickets for the samba parades here

Balls in Rio Scala
Some Scala Ball tickets sell out fast. Res eve your tickets in advance to be on the safe side.
The Red and Black Ball and the Gay Gala are the ones in most in demand.

Buy ball tickets before you get to Rio

Magic Ball in Hotel Copacabana Palace

All prices include buffet dinner with Brazilian drinks and entrance to all ballrooms.
Tickets for the Golden Room include a seat at a table of 6, 10 or 12 people. Noble Room tickets include a seat at a table of 10 or 12. Standing tickets do not offer a table seat.
Mandatory dressing
Men: black tie or deluxe costume
Women: long evening dress or deluxe costume.

Samba City Balls
Venue: Rua Rivadávia Correa 60, Gamboa
Admission: R$150.00 and R$70.00 for Rio residents
Box office from 18:30

Samba Land
Venue: Praça Onze, Centro (Downtown)
Tickets on the door
Admission: R$40.00

Dancing nights in the samba schools
There is a little admission fee which increases towards Carnival and should be around R$30.00-50.00 (Mangueira being the most expensive and often full).
Men usually pay slightly more.
You might be able to reserve a box.
Tickets are sold at the box office on the door.

Special parties and balls in many venues
Many venues, mainly in Copacabana, have some special theme nights during Rio Carnival e.g. hot singles parties. Ticket prices are usually under R$60.00.

Free Rio Carnival Events

Rio Carnival Tickets

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When to buy your 2018 Rio Carnival tickets

Tickets for the 2018 Samba Parade should be ordered first as it is the most sought after Rio Carnival event and available seats in the Sambodromo sell out early. Order your ticket as soon as possible for Carnival Sunday and Monday and also your box and Luxury Suite tickets for the Preliminary Parades of the Second League Schools.

See the Luxury Suites - VIP boxes

You will find tickets less in demand such as Grandstand and Private Chair tickets for the Preliminary Parades of the Second League Schools in most Rio travel agencies, even a few days before the event and most probably even at the box office of the Sambodromo.

Some Scala balls sell out before the event, so we can book them for you prior to your arrival. But normally, you can find all other Rio Carnival tickets when already in Rio or at the door.

Lots of places, including samba schools offer tables and VIP boxes for the night. Do ask the venue, should you wish to have one for your party.

Rio Carnival Tickets 2018


Without Rio Carnival tickets

During Rio Carnival, take to the streets as much as you can. There is just as much happening out there in the open-air as behind closed doors. Everyone who is in town joins in the party and it spills over to all corners of the city.
Enjoy 2018 Rio Carnival with or without tickets.