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Order your tickets and buy all desired products and services for 2018 Rio Carnival directly from us. You will receive our all-inclusive 2018 Rio Carnival & Sambodromo Guides with all information, complete final program details, practical advice, insiders' recommendations and indispensable support.

The guides are exclusively prepared and distributed to our direct clients only. They will contain all final program details including last-minute up-dates and changes, in order that you have the complete programming always at hand.

You will be provided with them in a digital format, for your convenience.

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Your complete 2018 Rio Carnival Guides with insiders´ recommendations

The best and the only guide you will need to have at hand to know all your options to make the best out of your Carnival times in Rio.
It is the best Carnival Guide containing all events, balls and samba places including up-to-date ticket details and full addresses (so you will only need to show it to a taxi driver). It will be exclusively compiled and distributed only to our direct clients.

Detailed description and explanation of the Parade

You will also receive our Parade Description to help you prepare for the big event and better understand it. It will explain the Parade's roots and origins, how it evolved and also describes its essential parts and components. It makes some very interesting reading material.

Sambodromo Help
& Practical Instructions

You will receive practical instructions and recommendations how to get to the Sambodromo, find your sector and what to take. It will also explain how to use your tickets and what they entitle you to.