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Terms and Conditions of Sales

By opening an account, making an order or paying for any Item offered to order by Us, RCS Viagens e Turismo Ltda-ME, registered office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, CNPJ No 10.978.253/0001-98 (hereinafter RIO-CARNIVAL.net or We/Us), you are accepting and are bound by the following Terms and Conditions of Sales which serve as a contract between RIO-CARNIVAL.net and you the Account Holder or buyer (hereinafter also You/your/yours).

This contract starts once the account registration has been completed and We have confirmed your order as paid.
If it is to contract Us in the capacity of an intermediary, it ends immediately when your Items are received or your Item looses its validity. In case We are the service provider, it ends when your Items loose their validity.

These Terms and Conditions only apply to accounts created and paid orders made for the 2022 Carnival.

Our conduct is governed by Brazilian law and any dispute arising out of a transaction with Us is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Brazilian courts.

These Terms and Conditions do not and shall not affect any of your statutory rights.

Sales Policy

Our sales are made ONLY through our website RIO-CARNIVAL.NET. We do not work with third websites or general sales pages (AMAZON.COM; EBAY.COM; MERCADOPAGO.COM). Any order that does not include a Carnival Account and an Order Number is not related to us. We do not take the responsibility for these procedures.

Registration & Account Holder

To make an order and payment, You must be 18 or over and a Carnival Account (Carnival Account page) has to be created at the site under the domain name www.rio-carnival.net.
The account has to be opened with the full and complete name of a physical person (who will be considered the Account Holder), as printed on the valid passport or Brazilian ID of the Account Holder, which the Account Holder will use for self-identification.

After an account has been created and the registration confirmed, the Account Holder's name cannot be changed.
All Items are ordered, registered, booked and held under the Account Holder's name. We confirm orders to and under this name.

All the requested information must be provided correctly at the time of registration.

We undertake reasonable security arrangements to protected your data and to prevent unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, elimination, potentially harmful disposal or similar risks. They will only be passed to a third party when necessary to make bookings, purchases or/and payments for the Account Holder.

We reserve the right to cancel any account or order at any time, if the Account Holder's name registered with Us does not contain at least one first name and one last name, if it does not seems  as a legal name (e.g. contains numbers) or in case the Brazilian CPF, the number in Brazil's official register does not match the full name registered with Us.  In these cases, we are able to cancel all orders under that name and refund the  paid amount.

To have access to a Carnival Account, login is required. The Account Holder shall not disclose his/her log-in details to anyone else and We interpret login as sufficient self-identification for certain types of communication and payments.

Order Numbers and Items

At the time of making an order, We allocate a unique Order Number to it, which is given to the Account Holder by e-mail and which the Account Holder must keep. We keep orders and purchases made at different times under different Order Numbers. 

We consider as valid and follow only orders which have been fully paid.

We refer to all products and services offered by Us to order as "Items". We reserve the right to acquire the Items ordered for the Account Holder at the time deemed opportune by Us.

We reserve the right to change an Order Number if any change is made to an order (e.g. some Items are canceled or exchanged).

Account Holders are required to use their name and order number (or if forgotten the registered ID number) in all e-mails, telephone conversations or any other form of communication in order to identify Items ordered.

We undertake reasonable endeavors to acquire the required Items for the Account Holder, which are provided by a third-party. In the unlikely event that our efforts are not successful, We are able to \cancel that particular Item of an order and refund the full amount paid for that Item (Unit Price and our Administration Fee).

Customer & Account Holder's Party

Customers are those Account Holders of RIO-CARNIVAL.net who have at least one fully paid order registered in their name.

The Account Holder's Party consist of the users of the Items, all those people for whom the Items are bought for and are given to.

Communication & Instructions

Any Item-specific query or complaint shall be communicated by the Account Holder in whose name the Item in question is registered.

We provide customer service in Portuguese and English. Requests and instructions given in any other language are usually not taken into consideration. We aim to communicate in the language of the Account Holder's communication or the one set on the the Carnival Account page of the Account Holder.

If an Account Holder receives an e-mail from Us which he/she does not understand it must be communicated to Us for further clarification.

E-mail correspondence will be sent to the registered e-mail address associated with the account.
The registered e-mail address remains the one given at the opening of the account until changed.
The request to change the registered e-mail address has to be asked by e-mail to contact@rio-carnival.net.

E-mail attachments and messages sent to do-not-reply@rio-carnival.net or noreply@rio-carnival.net are disregarded, except when requested by Us.

Instructions have to be initiated from the Carnival Account page of the Account Holder, except when requested by Us otherwise.

If We ask for an e-mail, it has to arrive from the Account Holder from the registered e-mail address associated with the account.

We provide solicited information regarding orders or any other matter concerning a Carnival Account to messages sent from the Carnival Account page of the Account Holder and by e-mail.

  1. telephone inquiries after the caller provides the full name of the Account Holder and the Order Number in question (or in case of a forgotten Order Number the registered number of the Account Holder's ID).

We do not make outgoing telephone calls or change our usual form of communication by request.

Event Partners

For tickets, costumes, tours and hotel bookings, RIO-CARNIVAL.net acts in an intermediary' capacity between the Account Holder and the supplier, event organizer, venue, the Samba Schools Association (LIESA), the Association of Brazilian Travel Agencies (ABAV) or other service provider (referred to collectively hereinafter as Event Partners).

Any order of an Item is also subject to any special Terms and Conditions, regulations and requests of the Event Partner(s), which may be displayed on the Web site RIO-CARNIVAl.net or their Web site. Venue terms may also be available at the venue's box office.

Sambodromo and Ball Tickets

Tickets confer the right to attend and are valid for the event they are for. Ticket holders have rights to places stated on the ticket.

Tickets cannot be reissued. In case of loss or damage, you and the ticket holder are not able to receive any refund.

We and the Event Partners reserve the right to provide alternative places (whether before or during the event) to those initially ordered as long as they are for the same event and have equivalent or higher face value.

For Sambodromo Grandstand and Private Chair tickets We act as your purchasing agent and custodian of your vouchers and tickets with your explicit request and authorization to perform all administrative procedures necessary from your order until collection date inc. bookings on your behalf and if and when required, using your name and ID number provided to Us.


Buying a Rio Carnival costume from Us confers the right to participate in the Samba Parade in that costume's wing with a specific samba school on a specific night for which it is valid.
If your costume is for the Main Parades and the costume's school becomes one of the top six schools in the competition, the same costume can be used again in the same wing in the Champions´ Parade.

Costumes are not included in our Delivery service. The owner of the Carnival Account must withdraw them at our Visitors' Reception Center in its functioning days. The non-showing to withdraw the costume order excludes any possibility of refund.

For purchasing costumes, all the required measurements must be provided correctly at the time of purchase, which cannot be changed at a later stage. We do not take any responsibility for wrong measurements provided, inc. misunderstanding of the Brazilian measurements required.

Sambodromo Round Transfer

Paying for one Sambodromo Round Transfer, You acquire the right for one person (the Passenger) to use our Transfer vehicles once at a specific time to one specific side of the Sambodromo (either the even or odd-numbered one) and once back the same night from the Sambodromo. It is your responsibility, to select the right Transfer route and time to the desired side of the Sambodromo before payment.

Account Holders with Sambodromo Round Transfer must provide for every Passenger the full name and select the point of departure and time, from the available times on their Carnival Account page until October 31st, 2022.
You and the Passenger loose the right to the Sambodromo Round
Transfer for which the required information is not provided by that date. This Item will be canceled and We give a refund of the paid Unit Price only and retain the Administration Fee paid.

Passengers who loose the Transfer bus to which they are entitled to use, either way, for what ever reason which is not caused by Us (inc. late arrival or not finding the boarding place) loose their right to it and You are not entitled to any refund.

Passengers who loose their Transfer bus to the Sambodromo are required to report to and follow our Sambodromo Transfer Coordinator's instructions how to board our vehicle back.

Only Passengers for whom the right to use our vehicles has been bought in advance are allowed to board the Transfer vehicle towards the Sambodromo after showing their valid passports (or Brazilian photo ID) bearing the same name provided to us by the Account Holder. For the return journey the Passenger must produce his/her voucher showing its validity for that night to be able to board. Once the voucher is given to the Passenger, the Passenger is responsible for it and We do not reissue them.

We reserve the right of schedule change due to unforeseen reasons which shall be communicated through the site RIO-CARNIVAL.net or by e-mail to the Account Holder.


Tour bookings confer the right to participate in the tour of our Event Partner at the time and for the number of people specified in your paid and confirmed order, for which the tour booking is valid.

Hotel Bookings

Hotel bookings with Us confer the right to accommodation at our Event Partner for the number of people, during the period and in the room type stated in your order. These details determine the hotel booking's validity.

We reserve the right to cancel any hotel bookings within 7 days from payment.


The prices of some Items are market driven, can fluctuate and are subject to change without prior notice, according to several reasons including but not limited to exchange rate variations, seasonal promotions, increase in demand, etc.

Our Administration Fee for our services will be added to the Item's Unit Price in the Account Holder's shopping cart.

Although users of the site RIO-CARNIVAL.net can view prices in many currencies, You accept the final charge in Brazilian reals (BRL/R$) as shown on the last pages before payment.
Any applicable refund is calculated and made in Brazilian reals on the basis of the Brazilian real values paid.

Whilst We try to ensure that all prices on our Website are accurate, errors with our calculations might occur in the final bill. If We discover such an error, We will inform You as soon as possible, and reserve the right to cancel that order in which case You will receive a full refund.


To make payment the Account Holder and buyer must be logged in and accept these Terms and Conditions.

Online payments are made under a secure environment (SSL/HTTPS) on encrypted Web pages.

Online payments are subject to payment card verification or other security checks and your transaction may be canceled if it has not passed that verification process.
Payments are processed by a third-party payment processing company and RIO-CARNIVAL.net is not responsible for any occasional rejection of payment or for any error which might occur during the payment process not caused by Us.

If more than one payment is made on the same day for orders with the same Items and value, We consider them as double-charge and only keep one order and cancel all others making a refund for the full value of the canceled orders.

If RIO-CARNIVAL.net offers the possibility of offline operation for Account Holders who cannot pay online with credit/debit cards, the wire transfer has to be sent on the day of an online payment attempt by the Account Holder for which the Account Holder has received an Order Number. The very same day, the Account Holder has to send Us a message from his/her Carnival Account page, confirming that the payment has been made by our Office's credit card machine and quoting the order number it was sent for.
If We do not receive the full amount due for that order, We advise the Account Holder about the amount still outstanding. If We do not receive that amount within 7 working days from the date of this message of ours, the order will be canceled and the funds returned.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Beyond your statutory rights:
Costume orders are refundable and can be canceled until October 31st, 2022.
icket orders are refundable and can be canceled until October 31st, 2022.
Tours and Sambodromo Round Transfer orders are refundable and can be canceled until October 31st, 2022.
For all cases above, the administration fee will be retained, only the values of the products are refundable.

No refund in any of the following cases:

  1. - for hotel bookings in case of your cancellation
  2. - in the case of no-show in the booked hotel, late arrival, early check-in or failure of check-in
  3. - in case of no-show in our Visitors' Reception Center to withdraw your orders
  4. - not or only partially using the Item in question

Cancellation rights provided by these Terms and Conditions have to be exercised commencing from the Carnival Account page of the Account Holder, after November 1st. In this case, the Account Holder also has to confirm the cancellation by e-mail to contact@rio-carnival.net informing the name of the Account Holder, the Order Number and the reason of cancellation. Once these requirements are satisfied, the Item will be canceled.
After such cancellation,
We will refund the paid Unit Price only, retaining our Administration Fee paid for the canceled Items.

We reserve the right to cancel any order which We reasonably suspect to have been made fraudulently or through unauthorized use of any robot, spider or other automated device or any other illegal activity.

We reserve the right to cancel any ordered Item due to unforeseen reasons. In this unlikely event, We guarantee a full refund for the Brazilian real value of all canceled Items (inc. our Administration Fee).

All refunds are sent to the card/account used for payment.


To change any Item for another one (the New Item), it has to be refundable and the New Item has to be available to order on the website RIO-CARNIVAL.net. To proceed, the Account Holder has to cancel the Item to be exchanged (under the above cancellation conditions) and pay for the New Item.


Tickets and costumes are Collectible Items which have to be received and signed for and which can be collected for free from our Visitors' Reception Center during its opening hours for collection or tickets can be delivered for a fee.

Only the Account Holder or the Account Holder's Authorized Representative are eligible to receive the Items held in the Account Holder's name. The Account Holder's Authorized Representative can be a Third Party.

Authorizations have to be initiated from the Carnival Account page of the Account Holder and confirmed by presenting the Authorization Form at the withdrawal, along with the copy of the Credit Card used in the purchase, Document of the Account Holder and Document of the Third Party .

To receive the Items

It is the collecting person's responsibility to check your Items. After having signed for the receipt, You loose the right to complain about not having received your Items as ordered.

Shall it be necessary, We reserve the right to change the address or opening times of our Visitors' Reception Center.

We cannot be held responsible and all rights to any refund are lost if any of Account Holder's Collectible Items is not received due to:

  1. - The person to receive the Account Holder's Item does not appear at our Visitors' Reception Center during its opening hours for collection before the event it is for;
  2. - The requested documents are not produced and given; and/or
  3. - Refusal of signing the receipt.

Ticket Delivery

To order Ticket Delivery, our Ticket Delivery fee must be paid on the site RIO-CARNIVAL.net. The Ticket Delivery fee applies only once per account and address.

We only deliver tickets to addresses within the boundary of the city of Rio de Janeiro which include cruise ships arriving at the Rio Port Praça Mauá. 

Account Holders with Ticket Delivery have to provide the delivery address. Tickets will be delivered at the same day as your first parade. We cancel Ticket Deliveries and you loose the right to any refund, for which the required delivery details are not provided by October 31st, 2022. In this case your Items have to be collected from our Visitors' Reception Center during its collection opening times.

Address modification must be requested by e-mail to contact@rio-carnival.net until February 8th.

Tickets will be delivered during our Business hours, from 08:00h to 15:00h. Port Deliveries will be made from 08:00h to 12:00h.

If the delivery fails for any of the below reasons the delivery will be canceled without the right to any refund

  1. - The address provided is not within the boundaries of the city of Rio de Janeiro;
  2. - The address provided is incorrect or incomplete;
  3. - The person to receive the tickets is not available;
  4. - The requested documents are not produced and given;
  5. - The signatures do not match; and/or
  6. - Refusal of signing the receipt (inc. the Reception Desk of a hotel).

In the case of such delivery cancellation, the Account Holder has to pay for another delivery or make collection at our Visitors' Reception Center.

We deserve the right to deny delivery to any address. In such a case We grant full refund of the Ticket Delivery fee and the tickets will have to be collected from our Visitors' Reception Center.

Copies and IDs

When We request a copy or the original of a passport or Brazilian photo ID, it must include in a clearly visible way the bearer's photo and signature, the number, the issuing country and expiry date of that photo ID/passport.
When We request the credit card (original or copy), the name of the credit cardholder and the numbers of the credit card for analysis purposes.
When We request a signature, it is the responsibility of the person who is supposed to sign to be able to produce a signature which is similar to the one on that person's photo ID/passport to which it shall be compared.

We reserve the right not to accept a copy or the original of a photo ID/passport or signature if the person who is in charge of receiving or reviewing it deems it not to be sufficiently legible, incomplete, not sufficiently similar with the one to which it is being compared or that some details of the document do match the details previously supplied by the Account Holder.
In these cases we reserve the right not to proceed with our services as long as a satisfactory document/signature (the relevant) is not produced or a written and signed satisfactory explanation is not given by that person (e.g. new ID, double nationality), and we do not accept any responsibility for any loss incurred due to the suspension of our service.

2022 Rio Carnival & Sambodromo Guides

Our Guides are provided in a digital format.

They are provided to Customers only. The reproduction or distribution of any part (text or photo) of them to anyone who does not make part of an Account Holder's Party is strictly forbidden.


We make efforts and aim to provide correct and reliable information. However some occasional errors might occur in our publications or communications and We do not take responsibility for any action taken on the basis of information provided by Us about any event, product or service organized or provided by others.

We are not responsible for any schedule change or cancellation of an event by our Event Partner.
If an event is canceled or rescheduled, We make reasonable efforts to notify the Account Holder of the change once We are informed confirming their refund policy. We do not guarantee that the Account Holder will be informed of such change before the date of the event. It is your responsibility to ascertain whether an event has been canceled or rescheduled.

Items are offered subject to certain restrictions regarding admission, participation or use, such as restricted, obstructed or side view, age, state of consciousness, dress code, etc. Any such restriction We are aware of shall be displayed on the Web site RIO-CARNIVAL.net. It is your responsibility to ensure that You read all notifications displayed on the Web site RIO-CARNIVAL.net.
We, Event Partners and venues reserve the right to cancel and revoke any of the rights acquired through paying for Items to Us, to any person who is in breach with our or the Event Partner's terms and conditions, regulations and requirements or if that person is jugged to represent any danger to other persons or anyone's property. Venues may conduct security searches to ensure the safety of the patrons and enforce their admission policy. If anyone of the Account Holder's Party is refused admission/participation/service, You are not eligible to any refund.

You are responsible for the collecting person's capacity to receive your Collectible Items.

You are responsible for all members' health condition, capacity and capability of the Account Holder's Party to use their Items. These include all holiday and legal arrangements for all persons in question.
In case of someone of the Account Holder's Party not using his/her Item for any reason which is not due to our or the Event Partner's fault (e.g. due to customs, immigration or other difficulty to enter Brazil and arrive in Rio, injury, change of schedule, weather condition, any other eventuality, etc.), You are not eligible to any refund.

Neither We nor the Event Partner(s) will be liable for any loss, injury or damage to any person or property caused (including by Us and/or by any Event Partner):
(a) in any circumstances where there is no breach of a legal duty of care owed by Us or the Event Partner;
(b) in circumstances where such loss or damage is not a reasonably foreseeable result of any such breach (save for death or personal injury resulting from our or the Event Partner's negligence);
(c) to the extent that any increase in any loss or damage results from breach by You of any of the terms of this contract; or
(d) to the extent that any increase in any loss or damage results from breach of the the Event Partner(s)' regulations or terms and conditions or from negligence by any member of the Account Holder's Party.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions seeks to exclude or limit our or the Event Partner(s)' liability for death or personal injury caused by our or the Event Partner(s)' negligence, fraud or other type of liability which cannot be excluded or limited by law.