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Balls - Rio Carnival

All information about the Rio de Janeiro carnival balls: Scala Rio, Hotel Copacabana Palace and other places with schedules and tickets are here, take a look and schedule a high level experience for your Carnival.

Tickets - Rio de Janeiro Carnival Balls


Rio de Janeiro, as the City of Carnival, offers a wide selection of Carnival Balls. You should not spend a fortune to have an unforgettable moment.

Costumes for most Rio Carnival balls are not obligatory, except for some balls. Wearing a costume will help you get into the party mood and make the night even more special.

A sketch of Rio de Janeiro Carnival Balls history

The origins of Rio's Carnival balls can be traced back to the famous masquerade dances of another world capital of Carnival: Venice, Italy.

 It was in 1840, when Clara Delmastro, the wife of the Italian ambassador in Rio de Janeiro, decided to create her own pompous Venetian-style carnival ball at the São Januário Theater. It was a big hit right away, with 1,000 participants on the same night. Soon after, similar events followed, and it was also customary here in the New World, Rio de Janeiro, to perform balls during Carnival, where the main hotels and establishments organized great events and glitz.

 The Hotel Copacabana Palace was the most prestigious stage of the city, where all the balls were crowned, raising the balls to their zenith, bringing international attention to the Rio Carnival balls. In 1993, after Copacabana Palace was bought by the Orient-Express Group, the fancy luxury balls were reinvented. He became again and remained the epicenter in the world of Carnival in Rio with his Magic Ball, Rio's luxury dance. "Just keep going," reminiscent of the glamor of a golden era.

The city's Official Gala at the Municipal Theater was another dance that became an institution in the Carioca Carnival scene. The first edition, in 1932, received already 4,000 guests, including Vargas, already president of Brazil. The dance in the famous theater continued until 1975, when experts concluded that the sound was damaging the structures of the historic building. Soon it had to change of place and, finally, closed in 1991.

 Throughout the years, the culture of dances and nightclubs spread throughout Brazil, which had already evolved significantly and significantly increased in size, becoming the capital of the Rio Carnival. In the 70's and 80's, the dances appeared in popular places throughout the city, leading some idiosyncrasies transformed by the Brazilians, offering feijoada dinners. Today, Scala Rio is the main nightclub organizer, with its themed dances during the Carnival season. Having the Gay Gala as a highlight, followed by the dance of the Marvelous City.

The most famous Carnival balls
In Rio de Janeiro

Copacabana Palace Hotel Carnival Balls 

This legendary ball is not only the highlight of the carnival, but also the most famous carnival ball, the right choice for glamor and sophistication. Luxury or black tie/ evening dress costumes are required, and a host of local and international celebrities are always among the guests.

Scala Rio Carnival Balls

With its 40 years, the Scala Rio club offers more famous and thematic balls every night during the Rio Carnival, such as the Gay Gala, the Black Beads Ball and the Wonderful City Ball.

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